Monday, February 25, 2008

could it really be?

look whats peaking out of the ground right smack dab in the middle of my front yard. 2 little yellow crocuses. can spring be on its way?

we had a great time in hots prings this weekend. thanks again to jerusalem for sharing her precious condo time with us. and she really has done that place up nice. nathan thanks for cooking it was super de-lish.

on saturday while the boys had their day at the races, jerusalem and i had a great time running around hot springs thrifting out hearts...... and wallets out. i'll have pics of treasures soon. she'll probably have some up too. and in our treasure hunt we happened upon a man i worked for in college. it was one of those meant to be moments. that night we all stuffed, and i mean stuuuuuuuuffed, ourselves at an awesome german food resturant.

on sunday ben and i took the winedy road from hot springs to arkadelphia. a road traveled many a time during those years of going to college in a dry county. we were on our way to see a play performance at my old stompimg grounds... obu's verser theatre. we saw lots of friends and even got to eat at a favorite resturant that was now open on sundays. the play was good, good for waiting for godot. it was odd sitting inverser actually watching a play. i was usually on the stage or behind it. they will be having their spring musical directed by my former professor of theatre in april and i plan on taking the kids.

we took this little weekend in celebration of ben's birthday..... which is today!! happy 32 honey, i love you.

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Cecile said...

Ben's younger than you?

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