Tuesday, February 05, 2008

here's your sign

it's first thursday time again!!

i'm gearing up for new goodies to put into the shoppe in hillcrest.

these are the signs i have ready and who knows how many i might have by thursday.
i really love this one. it was an extra long door and i added these vintage knobs i had taken off of some other cabinet doors. i thought they made great hooks for hanging.

this sign would be great for the newlyweds or even the not-so-newly-wed.

i thought this sign would be perfect for a little girls room. it looks as if it has been frosted.

these to signs would work great even after valentine's day. just to keep a constant reminder up that we should show love everyday.

and i have been able to get my hands on some smaller cabinet doors that would fit into some priority boxes. so hopefully i will be able to get these signs onto etsy soon.

if you ever want some custom ones made contact we and we can work out size and pricing and shipping.

also any ideas on words you would like to hang around in your house. sometimes my mind just goes blank.

**thank you for your prayers for my cousin angel and her family. they are doing well and have recieved such an out-pouring on love and contributions from their community outside of batesville, ar, that they feel very blessed. it has been hard on my cousin because this is the only house she has ever lived in. so even though everyone one is safe and the things they lost are just things, there are memories there.


nikki/WhiMSy love said...

I like 'em! "Sweet" is my fave. My new favorite word though is "Giggle". Wouldn't that make a cute sign?

TheTwistedPurl said...

I love your signs! Super cute! Can't wait to see your work in person. :)

tracy said...

love the signs ~ too cute!

are you all okay from the tornadoes?

Cecile said...

The signs look wonderful, and I'm glad things are looking up for your Cousin. I hope Ruth is mending as well. Talk to you soon. Cec

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