Thursday, March 06, 2008

what a week!!!

wow i totally went MIA on you guys didn't i? didn't really mean to do that totally but there were a ton of things i needed to get done and then great surprises that happened. kind of made things like the computer not that important. i haven't really read any of your blogs either in a few days and my number of new postings on bloglines is probably near 300 right now!

ben left last thurs and flew to austin and was gone till saturday. so it was just me and the kids. but luckily the weather was sooo awesome. like spring was saying "here i am!" it finally dried out some and they were able to play outside and we had the best time.
then spring faked out on us. it turned cold again and started raining and then low and behold on tuesday morning.............

IT SNOWED!!!!!!!

this totally made my kids day. they have really never gotten to play in snow. they ran around in some that fell briefly in dallas over thanksgiving but never got to really experienced it. we were up and out playing in the 3 inches of white stuff at 6:30 am tuesday morning. at that point conway hadn't canceled school yet so i had to let them get some in. but school was eventually canceled and ben came back home and we had a day of it.

it was all totally gone by 3 that afternoon but guess what they are forecasting for tonight and tomorrow? amazingly yes more snow!

today was first thursday and jerusalem and i spent the day setting up spring in the shoppe. and having a great lunch with miss kim. it may be snowing outside but dog gone it its spring in our room.

unfortunately my camera was full of pics from the snow that i wasn't sure if i had moved to the computer (i get home and realise that i had already, duuuh) so i only have a couple of shots but jerusalem should have some great ones up soon.


The Wilson Family said...

i'm very jealous about the snow! we have barely missed the snow twice!

Stephanie said...

The snow here lasted about 2 2hours lol. I hope it snows HARD tonight and tomorrow. Be safe, its coming your way too.

The Wilson Family said...

update: we woke up to snow this morning!!! yeah!!!!

Cecile said...

The snow was awsome today! The boys and I played in it for three house after I got home today. I hope there is still some left so we can play some more tomorrow. I am chilled now because it kept snowing and I got so wet. I can't get warm! But I had a blast. Check out my snowwoman I made. I think she looks just like Maxine. I have a couple of pics up on my blog.

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