Sunday, April 27, 2008

its a sickness

really and truly it is. when you work in the costume department of the theatre in college for 5 years. you cant help it. anything that calls for a dress-up day or a costume contest makes my eyes glaze over and i start reeling with ideas.
phoebe's brownie troop was involved in a city wide mother/daughter pj dance party on saturday. once she and i heard there would be prizes for pajamas well we both started dreaming big. we had first heard about it months ago so our plans were becoming grandious. i envisioned matching ruffles circa 1950's-60's style outfits. well you know how the best laid plans go. well come the day of and we still had nothing. so we headed to walmart early on saturday and started yest another last minute mommy project.
after wearing a path between her dept and mine. we opted for hot pink tank tops and some black pj pants for me and phoebe would wear her black leggings. we also got some black fabric with pink polka dots to jazz up our ensembles a bit.

i used the fabric to make little poofy cap sleeves on the tanks and made a head scarf for phoebe and a tie for me.
the dance party was fun too. here she is bustin a move to the chacha slide. i have come to believe its the macerena of the next genereation.

we decorated pillowcases.
joined in a congo line that got a bit out of hand.
and won for our matching pajamas!!!! we were the matching marvels in case you can't read what the trophy says. phoebe was ecstatic about that.
and i must admit that i felt a bit proud too. my degree in theatre and all those many hours spent in the costume shop do come to good use now and then.


Marc and Charity said...

so creative and so cute! well done y'all!

TheTwistedPurl said...

wOOOOt! Congrats on the winning! Looks like it was a blast and I can almost hear all the squealing girls through your pics. Sometimes, I am a bit thankfull I have all these boys.

Your outfits are totally adorable.

Jerusalem said...

Those are sooo cute and very 50's/40's! Congrats on the win - you are such a great mama!

missyballance said...

awwww!!! I'm thinking that is just about the cutest thing EVER! And I love me some cha cha slide too! It especially works well when I'm doing the dishes! So glad to have graduated from The wiggles and Fruit Salad... know what I mean? LOL!

tracy said...

good job, mama! and cute pictures of you & Phoebe!

Liz said...

You guys are ADORABLE!

Stephanie said...

You are too stinkin creative! Very cute!!

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

Great story, great outfits!
I can relate to the "wheels turning, over the top ideas" when it comes to outfits for our kid's dress-up days at school. (we always try to think out of the box for homecoming week--one day's theme was the Middle ages. Everyone was dressing as damsels and knights--my gal went as "The Bubonic Plague". She got the most unique award. :)

meg duerksen said...

very nice!
i would be proud're the matching marvels!

all the stuff in your shop looks so sweet too!
good to check in with you again.

have a great mother's day!

BumbleVee said...

awww.... you guys..... you look so cute together and looks like your reallyhad a great time!

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