Saturday, April 12, 2008


here's the new buffet. lu and jessica were selling it at the shoppe and the minute it came in i started drooling over it. i even dragged jerusalem in to look at is squealing "it's so me!!"
as you can see, i placed my $7 mirror find over it and love it too. like i said i didn't think it was making it to the shoppe.
i love the green chairs in front of it too. those were thrifted ages ago for mere pennies. its amazing what a can of kilz spray paint (on sale too :) ) and a bit o' sandpaper can do. the green and the black just pop. I hope to replace the faux hydrangeas int he toile vases with real ones as soon as mine start blooming. and would love to ad some black open shelves above the buffet. but all in due time


Groovewoman said...


We have talked before,and I have another question for you about how your blogger page is set up. How did you get a profile picture?

Jerusalem said...

ohhh I am drooling - lovin' it girl!

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