Wednesday, May 28, 2008

oh, say, can you see....

the fireworks?

this girl has some mad drivin skills. or rather good timing. we just made it onto the broadway st bridge in little rock on sunday for the fireworks. if we'd been 4 cars back a huge building would have blocked the view and we would of had 5 very disappointed children with messy melted ice cream cones to sit and listen to as it took us an hour to get back to the house.

this past weekend was riverfest in little rock. a 3 day outdoor concert event. ben and i got buttons and took the kids to the opening night on friday. it was their first concert. they thought shooter jennings was too loud. but they rather enjoyed sawyer brown, who was replacing merle haggard at the last minute due to health issues. and he was on my list of old country singers i needed to hurry up and see before they died.

but how can you not enjoy sawyer brown. i had seen him once in high school and he likes to move around on the stage if you aren't familiar with him. well its been a few years since their star search glory days and he doesn't move quite as much as he use too but it was still a great show.

the plan was to set out the concerts on saturday and return sunday night for zz top. but we got to thinking that that crowd might not be the best for the kids. so i took one for the team and handed my button over to nathan and held up with jerusalem and the kids at her house.

ben called me towards the end of the concert rejoicing over the fact that we had not brought the kids. apparently nathan even had a few skirmishes with some unruly female concert goers. but he was determine and and plowed right through. lol. it wasn't his first rodeo.


Jerusalem said...

I had so much fun! That night will last a long time in my memory of favorite moments. Why do I always forget why I love the summer so much?

Kimberly said...

loved, Loved, LOVED Austria!

...but, it was still sad to miss Riverfest (in fact, I made the Austrian try her first corndog at Riverfest a few years back).

Love Shooter Jennings. Really wanted to see Arrested Development. Sad Merle wasn't able to be there, but Sawyer Brown would have been fun, too (well I ain't first class, but I ain't white trash...)

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