Tuesday, May 20, 2008

prayers vs luck

can you believe we found another one?! and in about the same place. ben found this one with in the week after i found mine. should we head to vegas or what? actually i'm saving this luck for tomorrow. saving my luck and asking for prayers. ben has an interview tomorrow. some of you may or may not know if you just started reading lately but in february ben was told he would not be asked back for next year because of budget cuts. here's the whole story.
anyway tomorrow he interviews for a different position but whats great is that its at the same campus. so i am just asking for you prayers tomorrow evening around 5.

also i just have to say things finally feel lighter this afternoon. a cloud has been lifted and some tension released and it all makes me feel more relaxed than i have felt in over 2 months. xoxoxoxo to everyone.


Sarah said...

I have been and will continue- especially tomorrow be praying for the job. That's very exciting that it would be on the same campus.

TheTwistedPurl said...

You got it girl!

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