Thursday, May 29, 2008

smart girls ride bikes.

she's called the scholar.

isn't she lovely.

i've wanted a retro styled bike since i saw catherine's electra amsterdam.

i thought hey i want a bike that looks that cool! i could get in shape and save gas. lots of benefits here. ben rides so he thought it was a good idea too and we planned on one for mother's day.

i bought one on ebay but in a very disappointing deal it fell through. I don't like talking about it.

so my search continued for the perfect bike.

i wanted one that didnt look like a modern bike but wasn't overly i'm a reproduction retro bike. did that make sense?

and i just fell in love with the sixthreezero's womens scholar.

so when she gets here i will be sure to show you all have cool we look together.


Stephanie said...

How cute are they!

Kimberly said...

Too cute!

Walking around Vienna I wanted to come home & buy a bike right away! I thought about hopping up to Chainwheel, which is just around the corner from my house, but I saw this cutie in the paper this weekend and am tempted (its even got the storage rack I could attach a basket to!).

Liz said...

The concept of bikes makes me so happy. Unfortunately, I'd be run over and killed if I actually tried to use it to do the practical things throughout the day. What kind of world is this? :)

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