Friday, May 16, 2008

upgraded to terminal

remember when i said i had a sickness? well this week it felt like it was full blown.

its nearing the end of school and they are trying to make it fun for the kids. on thursday they had a sock hop scheduled and today was dress like a book character day. so this week was pretty much like dangling a steak in front of a lion. so many costumes so little time.

the sock hop was easy for david. he wanted an elvis look. we aimed for the jailhouse rock period with a black t and a black jacket of mine with a collar we could flip up. i wanted to get him some faux black all stars from walmart but they didn't have his size. so see i did compromise my idea just a bit. and then i cut out a guitar shape from poster board and wrote "elvis " on it. for that authentic look, ya know.

phoebe of course needed a poodle skirt. so we took the left over fabric from the pjs and made a simple circle skit. it took some finagling. with the waist band because i cut the inside circle to big. i had bought hot pink netting for a cancan but that just didn't materialise, nor did the actual poodle make it on the skirt. but i did get a pink "p" on her shirt ala lavern and shirly style.

then yesterday i knew i needed to get start on their costumes for today. but i hung out with cyndi all morning then remembered i needed to finish up some burp cloths for a friend who was picking them up on friday. so the book character costumes were put on hold for a bit. then there was actually making it to the sock hop and a boy scouts pack meeting.... that always takes waaaaaaay toooooo looooong. sheesh. so it was almost nine before i could get back to the projects including the burp cloths. so thanks to lots of grumbling and 27 dresses and all the special features i was able to knock out a knights costume and one purple crayon.

phoebe had the easy one this time. she was harold and the purple crayon. one big crayon out of poster board coming up. oh you say you cant find any purple poster board? well you've got paint. tada.

know david i think just wanted to be a knight. but the rules said it couldn't be from tv or movies and no superheroes and i took that to mean no action figures. so he had been reading a book called the castle in the attic. and guess what!! it had a knight in it. a silver knight. oh you say you cant find silver poster board? well you've got tin foil. tada....... ugg 2 am.

you might say why go to all this trouble. but i can't not do it. maybe its the years in the theatre costume department, maybe its the artist, maybe its the show-off in me. haha. i guess in a way i am hoping this will be what my kids really remember me for. maybe in years when i'm long gone and they think back they wont remember so much that mom yelled alot, that mom was kind of grouchy, that she wasn't that great at keeping the house clean or had an unhealthy addiction to coffee, fabric, and retro dinnerware.


Cecile said...

Hey, I finally got a computer up and running. It looks like you have been KRAZY busy. ARGH,it's the end of school already. HOLY CRAP how time flies when you're a mother. I hope things are going well, and we have gots to get together soon.

Stephanie said...

I think your fabulous. :)

Sarah said...

LOVE the costumes and creativity. (and who says a coffee addiction is a bad thing? weren't there recent studies that promoted the benefits of coffee???) :)

YoMJ said...

Love those costumes. I know what you mean about rmembering me by soemthing. I used to say the best thing about being a mom is your kids don't have anything to compare it too. As a mom we are always the best.

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