Friday, June 20, 2008

this one time at craft camp.....

ok so i never went to camp.


not even church camp.

ok so one summer i went to a day camp a local church was sponsoring but i think that's about as close as i ever got.

as a family we always went camping but i don't think that's really the same thing.

well her majesty of craftiness, jerusalem, is putting together a camp that i think i could get into.

Introducing Camp STORIA

What it is
A password protected blog that will feature fun vintage inspired craft projects (beyond Popsicle sticks we promise) downloads, recipes and entertaining ideas for you, all centered around a specific holiday/seasonal related theme.

Who it is it for
Anyone who wants to add a little more crafty fun to their life!

When it is
Our first session - Camp OLD GLORY starts June 24 and runs through July 10.Our second session Camp BEACH BUM will start July 24 and run through August 10.

What does it cost
$ 15 for 6 crafts and bonus downloads per session.
for more info on how to join all this fun check out the camp counselors post here.
i also hear she has the best model too...... very very pretty.

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