Tuesday, July 01, 2008

glitter & grunge

I've been so excited about this since Claire contacted me about joining a co-op of artist she is part of called Glitter & Grunge. I felt so honored.... like...... "me? really?"
But on my page you can see some of my things from Etsy listed and a couple of G&G exclusive items.


I had a pretty good birthday week. I say week because it did sort of drag out from Monday, my actual birthday, to Friday when we had a bunch of folks over. We strung up lights outside and i made a huge vat of sangria and Ben made his standard hot wings. Then everyone else just brought some side dishes or appetizers. There was so much good food.

i got 2 items off my Etsy wish list.

Thanks Jeru and Cyndi. And the funniest book from Kim.
But like the doof that I am there are no pics of that evening because my batteries had lost their charge. I do believe that Jerusalem snapped a few but we'll have to wait and see. :)

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