Friday, August 29, 2008



It's that time of year again. School starts and so do the football games and eventually basketball and all other kinds of athletic things that I have never been more than an observer of.

David wanted to sign up for the football leagues.
I wasn't exactly thrilled about this. He had been in basketball before and I like the less contact aspect of that sport. After this summer I was even convinced that swimming would be the right sport....... no contact there. See where I am going with this?

But he really wanted to do this, so I said ok.

We've been to 3 practices so far. I think Ben is actually more excited than anyone else. Wait maybe excited isn't the right word. Thrilled? Or maybe beside himself with giddiness. No David's team isnt the Air Force. Its and old jersey of Ben's fromhis military days.

Apparently David has been made a running back. What ever that means, like I said my only knowledge of the sport is that you have to get the ball to end zone.

I am happy about the fact that everyone takes this very seriously. I'm not saying it's all "winning is everything" but they sure don't have the we're-all- winners-this-is-just-for-fun attitude. It's like for real.

So in the "spirit" of the season. Haha, get that? I have added some new items to the etsy shop.

Your choice of 2 colors of crepe paper, gold or silver glitter, and the wording you would like in the center. You can also personalise them for individual players and their numbers. Great for pep rallies and tailgate parties too.
This one was made for the upcoming Razorback Tailgate Game.

Wooooo Pig Sooooie!

Go Hogs Go!

If you have noticed the music on the side bar you must realize that we are a house divided. Ben, being an Alabama native, is Roll Tide Roll through and through. I being an Arkansan naturally root for the Razorbacks, well as much as I actually root for any sporting event. So i had to represent both fight songs. But you can see which one is first and is longer. ;)

*Also, a funny little side note. Cyndi's son Drew is also in the football league. David and Drew are on different teams though. But guess who their first games are against........

That's right, each other.

So for amusing banter and trash talk I am sure you will want to keep up with mine and Cyndi's blog over the next couple of months. :) But of course we will both be sporting our Team Pride Badges for our boys.


~Nancy~ said...

Oh, that Hog pin is SO cute! As a transplanted Arkie, anything Arkansas makes my heart flutter!
I live in Kentucky now (almost 5 years) but my home will always be in Arkansas.
So, so cute!!
(I am REALLY homesick!!)

TheTwistedPurl said...

Oh my dear, dear friend. Jeanetta, I do hope and pray you learn so much about this wonderful sport that you never miss another season. As for the boys playing each other in the first game, I will have to guide you to my own blog to share what I think about that!

J4 said...

Go, David!

Stephanie said...

Thats great!! :)
Love the badge btw! I need one for game days at the office!

Judea said...

Wow! He has gotten sooo tall! I remember when Wylie was being born and he was tottering around the hospital waiting room, still seems like just a couple years ago.

As for me, yes I am in a tent (and loving it) since Jru's air mattress and sounds of nature are a lot more comfy than her couch and wake-up calls by the 4 year old. :)

You DO have gumption. I have seen you in action. Gumption GALORE!

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