Friday, September 19, 2008

A House Divided

Its not divided equally. Not that I really mind or care (sorry Cyndi :). I am fairly neutral in my devotion to either team. As I have said before, football was never really a big deal to me. Sure I went to the games growing up but it was never.... oh for lack of a better word..... a "lifestyle choice" of mine. :)

Ben on the other hand is Crimson through and through. Oh he will root for the Hogs but not when they are playing Alabama. Watching Ben watch Alabama football has been something I've had to condition myself for over these 10 years. While I still find yelling at the tv and throwing things as well not the most civilized of behaviors, I have learned to tune it out and accept it.

He always wants the kids dressed in their Bama gear for this weekend. He even made a point of going through all the laundry to dig out all the shirts so everyone would have an ample supply for the whole weekend.

And since we have moved back to Arkansas, I think he feels the need to flaunt it even more. He has already coached David on his response to the flack he might (ok will) receive today at school. Let's see how did that go?
"All I am saying is 12 National Championships. How many does Arkansas have?"

So I don't fight it. See that way if Alabama wins, I haven't dug a hole for myself. And he's happy. If Arkansas wins, I get to passive-aggressively rub it in. Either way I come out ok. :)

And I am also a product of my environment from the past 10 years. Last year I happened to be at Jerusalem's house while Nathan was watching the game. Ben of course was at home. He really doesn't like mixed company for the game if you know what I mean. Anyway, it was odd hearing someone root against Alabama. I found myself almost insulted by Nathan's outbursts (which I might add are as uncivilized as Ben's).

We toyed with actually going to the game this year, but decided against the cost an would plan for it in 2 years. I think I might have to make a house divided shirt. You know take a Hogs shirt and a Bama one and cut them up the middle and sew the two shirts back together. Maybe I could be the spokesperson for creating harmony in football induced broken homes. I could wear my team pride badges for both teams. If I was at the game that would definitely get me on TV don't you think?

* Just to mention TV, our own little Phoebe was picked to be in a group of 3rd graders to have breakfast with THV 11 weatherman Tom this morning at her school. I had to get her there at 4:50am. Yeah I'm draggin already. But if you caught the show from 5-8 you might of seen her.


TheTwistedPurl said...

"A Friendship Divided" Please be sure Ben reads my blog post regarding the game. Loads of love and patience to you during this trying game time. Go HOGS Go!

dawn said...

I love this blog! You're such a good wife. My husband does odd things like watch the Tour de France at 3 in the morning... I did too -- when I was nursing a newborn... :)

Love the t-shirt idea. Very good idea -- I'd go with it!

Stephanie said...


Cecile said...

This year may not be our year, but hopefully next year will be better. I think we need a slightly better defense if we are going to beat anyone. HOpefully they will improve.

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