Monday, September 29, 2008



This has defiantly been one super busy week. It actually started last Saturday and Sunday when I did some painting for a friend of mine whose expecting her first baby and moving into a new abode so that they can accommodate their new addition.

Then I spent the week preparing for HarvestFest. Jerusalem and I had a great booth there but true to form I snapped no pictures of it. Just believe me when I say it looked too "us". And I sold a beau coup de aprons! I love it when people love on my aprons. I feel like they are going to good homes. :)

But here is my reasoning for not getting pictures of the booth and if you continue to read on I am sure you will see my reasoning. I still haven't bought a memory stick for my camera. So I have to depend on the internal memory which only holds about 7 pictures. Yes I'm just lazy.

Anyway the high point of HarvestFest for us and especially for Phoebe who got dropped off that afternoon, was the fashion show put on by the Box Turtle that was at 7 that evening. we closed up out booth at 5 so we had plenty of time to pack everything up and move it over to the Shoppe and get back in time to see........

That's right!! Korto from Project Runway!! In case you didn't know she is from Little Rock, AR and has had her designs for sale at the Box Turtle.

She was very inspiring and just the way she seems on the show. She talked about how you should never give up on your dreams because they can come true. Apparently they did because they told us that she did show at Bryant Park!!!! We just have to find out if she wins!!!

Here she is with her models. I was in such a hurry to get pics that I didn't notice what setting I had it on. Not to mention it was a late night to a very long day and I was beginning to sneeze my head off. But we had a great time and I was so thrilled to be able to experience it with Phoebe and Jerusalem. We were about 6 ft from the stage so Phoebe got a great view... as well as us bigger fans. :)


We loaded all of our HarvestFest leftovers ( oh there were plenty..heehee) into the Shoppe for First Thursday coming up on.... well you guessed it Thursday. It looks like Halloween exploded in there. And there is lots of new furniture pieces as well.

These are actually two separate pieces. The top is an old window and some old fencing. It is hangable as well. The table part is made from lore of the same old fencing and some old table legs I had laying around. Both pieces would look great inside or outside your home.

These end tables were distressed a bit and later given an antique glaze. It's hard to tell in the picture but there are little touches of robin's egg blue peeking throw the white.


Liz said...

There's new stuff! I'm heading over at lunch! :)

And I'm still LOVING my trick or treat sign that I got from you last year. It's the best Halloween item in the house!

Cecile said...

Hey, I'm hoping to get by the shoppe soon myself. I hope we can find time to visit with each other soon.

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