Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Oh Great Pumpkin Where Art Thou

Yes and that is one of my favorite movies too.

Its pumpkin patch time. Every where on blogland they are rolling out. And I absolutely love it!!

I'm such a Fall girl. Other people find great inspiration in Spring and Christmas time but for me theor is nothing like Fall. The juxtopotion of the cooler temps with warm colors popping out everywhere just makes me giddy.

Sunday after church we took the kids to agreat little pumpkin farm in Greenbrier called the Johnston Pumpkin Farm. Its a great little pumpkin patch with pumpkins still on the vine! Did you know that the true deep orange color isn't achieved until after they have been cut?

Professional Pumpkin Wrangler.

Isn't this the most beautiful turkey. I wish i could have gotten a good shot with out the fencing in front of him.

We brought home over 100 pounds of pumpkins that afternoon! Some for pies, some for just looking pretty, and of course 3 HUGE ones for carving. Hmmm sounds messy doesn't it.

1 comment:

Nancy said...

I've always, always, wanted to go to a pumpkin patch.... I really enjoyed your pictures, Jenetta. Hope you're having a wonderful Fall. Nancy

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