Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Crisp and clean

Just like the fall.
Jerusalem and I weren't quite ready for the explosion that is Christmas in the Shoppes.
So we opted to delay its set up for a couple of weeks and enjoy the wonderfulness that is Fall.
The muted pallet may seem strange for our little room that is usually alive with color, but its suiting our moods right now.
I have a few craft fairs I am gearing up for. One will be in Little Rock on the 15th and the other will be here in Conway on the 6th of December. I'll get more info out to you soon and hope that you can stop by.And if you are one of those frugal types that like to buy after the fact and save for next year, stop by the shoppe soon because all of our Halloween is 75% off. How can you beat that deal?


FineLine Antiques said...

OK... I JUST LOVE THE MUSIC. Somehow I stumbled on your blog which by the way looks really cool. But I had to go to another window to do some work and your music just kept playing. I LOVE the flashback I am getting. I am working and rocking out like I havent done in awhile! Wow! I have a real spring in my step today. Thanks.

Cece said...

Hey, did the house sale? Did you get the job? Hope things are going well.

Punkinhead said...

My sister and I were at the SHoppes in October on a visit to LR and loved your room! :) I esp. love that door with the old book pages and paint - what a cute idea!

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