Monday, November 03, 2008

A Day Out With..

... my family.Oh and Thomas the Tank Engine too.
Weekend before last we traveled to Rusk, Tx with my parents for the Thomas experience.If you are unfamiliar with A Day Out With Thomas here it is in a nut shell.
They hook a life size Thomas the Train up to a line of coaches and take you for a 30 minutes ride.
There are also other attractions and fun things to do while you wait for your scheduled ride. There are tables after tables of toy trainsStorytelling and sing a longsMeeting Sir Topham Hatt And of course bubblesWhen David and Phoebe were younger we had taken a DOWT in Austin. While it was in the nice downtown district once you got on for you ride you were chugging through the slums of Austin. Not the most aesthetically pleasing. This Time in Rusk was great. We got a nice ride through the hills and forest of the East Texas Piney Woods. The colors weren't quite as out as they have been here but it was still very enjoyable to look at out your window.
But this time was really for Luke.
Here he is with his ticket to ride.Thrilled as you can see.

Mom and I got a lot of great pics and these are only a few. I'll try to post more later.


dawn said...

My daughter looooooves Thomas! For Halloween, she was a "spooky Thomas witchy princess bird wizard train". There wasn't another at the party! Today Thomas, Percy, Henry, James, and Gordon were at our pretend Easter party. (She's 3 and we have ALL kinds of parties -- regularly...) We may need to find one of those real Thomas trains though! What a fun day for your son. :)

And can I just say -- LOVE those little houses on the cupcakes!!!

nikki/WhiMSy love said...

Look at that happy little train face! So sweet.

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