Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I'm sick

Don't worry.
It's nothing contagious.

Just a serious case of home-owner-itis.

At the end of last week, we realised that the outtake pipe on our washing machine has been leaking water into the wall. Apparently its been doing this for a while. How did i come to that conclusion you might ask?

Take a look at the floor in the boys room which is on the other side of said leaky wall.

This area is under their bunk bends and dresser so i never noticed it. Recently i had been finding damp things in this area but attributed it to dropped water bottles or cups of water.

But no.

Now we have a small scale model of the Rocky Mountains in my boys' room.

I was even more discourage because i had spent the last weekend tackling a huge amount of laundry that had accumulated do to my fervently crafting activities as of late. I thought i was doing really good. And I was making things worse.

Ben did fix the washing machine this Sunday. Apparently there was some blockage in the outtake pipe and when the washing machine would drain the water would just spew out the top.

Oh and did i mention that it has weakened the floor in the utility room and the hot water tank is sinking? Yeah it just gets better doesn't it.

But on a brighter note. I got a mention on the Farm Chicks blog. How shocked was I on that!

And I will have pics of my goodies that are headed to the Vinyard Church Holiday Bazaar this weekend as well as the Hillcrest Holiday Open House.


dawn said...

Oooooh no!!! Sorry, Jeanetta. I hope you sold lots this weekend -- to both lift your spirits and fill your checkbook! We don't have house issues -- my husband has car issues...a lot of car issues...! I can kinda relate. :)

Liz said...

CRAPPITY CRAP! That stinks Jeanetta.

Cece said...

Well, on a bright note, your dad used to build houses for a living, so he should have some great ideas on how to fix that. Also, congrats on your new job. Trust me, life could be much worse than sagging floorboards. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving.

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