Monday, January 05, 2009

Cloud '09

Hello all. Happy New Year 2009!

I was just thinking back over the past year as to what an example of extremes it was. 2008 didn't start out so well....

Many family issues.

Job uncertainties.

Still owning a home in San Antonio.

Gas prices were unbelievable!

And the economy just sucking in general.

But I must say that God is good and the year rounded itself out really well.

Gas dropped.

I found a job out side the home that I really enjoy.

aaaaaaand ......

We sold the house in San Antonio!!!

At the moment I am in sewing machine limbo. I need a new one. My whole life I have sewed on an old Kenmore that's older than I am. She needs some TLC but I don't have the time to wait around for that. So I need to go test drive some new ones.

But there is a problem in that I can't find a moment to start the research. Yeah I know I work in a library but its not like they have a bank of sewing machines you can sign up for like you do a computer. :)

I'm experiencing a limbo of another sort as well. If you have read Jerusalem's post then you know that we no longer have the parlor room at the Shoppes on Woodlawn. I am moving my aprons and signs to a smaller area upstairs. So you will just have to walk a little bit more to get my goodies. :)

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