Monday, February 23, 2009

New Apron on Etsy

I know I said it was new even though it may look familiar to you. Well at least its new to Etsy.

This was one of the aprons I sent off to Stampington for the new Apron-ology publication. I found out last month that neither of the aprons ( scroll down for pics)I sent had been accepted. :(
I ordered a copy anyway.

It came on Saturday and is very good. I recommend picking up or ordering a copy if you get the chance.

Today I received a package from Stampington. I was a bit sad to open it. But surprised that only one apron was in the envelope. There was a very nice note thanking me for my submissions of course and saying that my other entry was being considered for a sister publication. That really cheered me up :)

So maybe I'll get in there anyway.


nikki/WhiMSy love said...

Your aprons are awesome! I am so in love with that ruffled, layered red & white one in your shop!

Sarah said...

Love the material and the ruffles. I think I need to order one for myself. :)

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