Friday, March 13, 2009

Jeanetta vs. the Volcano

This past Monday Luke turned 5.I really can't believe it.
We had his party the Saturday before and he asked for a volcano cake.
Specifically a volcano cake that would erupt orange juice. I opted for a colored egg white and sugar mixture with the magic ingredient..... dry ice.
Very imaginative child.

Luke's favorite show right now is "Ace of Cakes".
And I have to pretty much say it's one of mine too.
But I feel like I at least lived up to the Legend of Duff in my child's eyes.


Jerusalem said...

Happy Birthday Luke! That cake was so amazing! I wouldn't even know where to get dry ice!! Wish we could have been there!

Janna said...

You go girl! I would never attempt such a feat, but would have tried desperately to talk my kid out of it. Or tried to buy one somewhere.

Dawn said...

Imaginative child -- yes. SUPER creative (and imaginative) mommy -- definitely! I'm so impressed -- I would not have known where to even start! Good job, Jeanetta. :)

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