Monday, May 11, 2009

Throwing the towel in

Yes you read that correct.I have officially thrown the towel in when it comes to crafting as a business. Well at least on any kind of regular schedule.

I want my crafting to become fun again. But I will still be here showing off my creations to anyone who cares to see my irregularly scheduled programming. I enjoyed blogging and I so enjoy creating and crafting, and as I keep saying I want it to be "FUN" again... not a chore, like cleaning the toilet. Which I need to get to as well :)

Speaking of towels, I have this crazy urge to crochet dishcloths and even edgings for my dishtowels. The fabulous EllynAnne always talks about how housewives used to make their "tools" for housework pretty so that even when doing the dirtiest of jobs could be enjoyable. I finally finished a project in my Tuesday night Yarn-A-Holics group that meets at the library. The comment was made one night that they had never seen me finish a project. I was like welcome to my crocheting life. HAHA.

But I did finish this dishcloth and I absolutely love it! I think the "yarn" may actually be butcher's string. I got it in a grab bag of things from Savers.
Speaking of Savers, my mom and I had the best Mother's Day on Sunday. We were given the chance to head out on the cloudy, drizzly day and hit the antique malls and flea markets. I don't think she and I have really done this since I was in high school or college. OK maybe we did it once or twice in San Antonio but we never were completely on own own.

But we hit some places in North Little Rock, Savers and Hidden treasures and then just worked our way back to Conway.

I have made a vow to buy all my bed linens from thrift stores. I rarely pay more that $6 for my queen sized sheets and they are already super soft and in the unique retro and vintage prints that i adore anyway. Why pay $40 for a sheet set?

I did pick up a potato masher for Ben :)

But my big find was so super cool.

Look at this canister set!
The colors, the cute retro pseudo-Dutch design, and they all nestle together on a lazy susan to boot!I think I am going to clean off the top of the fridge so it will have a prime spot for showing off, yet not take up valuable counter space. I.E. not be covered with the mounds of paper clutter that is drawn into my house like a black hole vortex!

I know it says its for flour and sugar and tea and coffee but those are just suggestions don't you think.

What a great spot for my granola storage! Which by the way my family ate in less than 3 days!

So while I won't be actively pursuing a crafting career, I'm still here making stuff and thrifting when I get the chance. And if there is something you see that you think you might want just ask. You never know with me ;)

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Jerusalem said...

love your canisters!!! what great finds! I found you something recently too on a thrifting stop. Will bring next week!

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