Sunday, November 08, 2009

Mi CASA Chair

Last month was CASA's Festival of Chairs. This is my third year to revitalize and donate a chair for the charity's live and silent auction.
I was very excited because this year my chair made it into the live auction!

Too bad I forgot to snap some before pics but I started out with two identical black chairs. I picked them up at a local flea market and immediately removed the horseshoes someone had screwed onto the backs. YeeHaw!

I spray painted the chairs white and decoupaged pieces of book pages to the backs, legs and interesting features of the chairs.
Then globbed (yes that's a technical term) on a water based stain I like to refer to as "liquid dirt" giving it an antiqued feel.

After removing the seats I measured and cut (ok so Ben really did the cutting) a new base that attached the two chairs to each other creating a bench. I shaped an extra thick cushion to fit in the chair backs (managed the actually cut my big toe with a pair of really sharp Fiskars... don't ask. lol) and covered it with a slightly stretchy linen-look fabric.

Next came the lettering which was done with black acrylic paint.

Here we have the "Live, Laugh, Loveseat".

This was the chair, or bench if you will, on display at a local restaurant, Mike's Place, for a couple of weeks before the auction.

I was excited that the chair went $275! And I loved hearing the whispers before the auction got on its way about my chair. Can't wait for next year's. I know some people who better get their chairs ready so they can finally come with me :P


Punkinhead said...

Love the bench! Our local CASA group does a chair auction too... I think. I need to ask about donating something. Great job!

Liz Owen said...

Wow. This is fantastic! I'm still so sad I can't go to you and Jerusalem's little shoppe. :(

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