Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Little Giddy

I must say I am terribly giddy.

Or at least I was yesterday.
Maybe only a little today but giddy all the same.

Yesterday I spoke with EllynAnne!

Yes that EllynAnne! (as if we knew any other).

Ok here's the back story.

Lately I have been doing some of the event scheduling at the library (hopefully that will become a permanent position). And I thought what a great idea it would be if EllynAnne could come for an author talk. I love her books and the idea that a simple piece of cloth like a apron or table linens can hold so much history and memories.

So there are some ideas in the works. Some ideas that are bigger than I even thought about at the beginning of my inquiry. But I am excited all the same. Oh yeah and giddy!

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