Friday, June 03, 2011


Otherwise known as "Summertime in Arkansas".

Why is it when I think back to my youth (which was spent in the Natural State), I do not remember the uncomfortableness of summer. I just remember playing.

Could it be I no longer spend my days tearing through the protected green canopy of the woods behind my house and the fact that kiddie pools are not a one size fits all.  Could it be ....... Global Warming?

These are the days I save the hot water for the laundry and indulge myself in tepid baths. The days when I wish my favorite shaved ice vendor would set up in the parking lot. I promise I can keep you in business. Jumbo vanilla with cream please.

So now I have finish said tepid bath and am lying here under the fan waiting for it to feel cool enough to go to sleep. And for Ben to quit snoring.

Tomorrow I shall don my flowy sundress, pin up my hair, and head to Walmart right after I drop off the kids and by a mini fan to keep under my desk. I will venture out to claim my manna of flavored ice.  I will not melt away this summer.

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