Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Mind the gap

Even though I walk through the darkest valley. Psalms 23:4
Whoever is still out there to read this may have noticed that for the better part of two years blogging has not been on my radar.  But as of late I have been feeling the need to write again; if not for anyone else other than myself to read.

It's funny when you look at a blog that has large gaps of time missing.  I always wonder where the rest of the story is.  Becasue of course, these things can seem like small novellas not actually someone's life.

"Tune in next week for the exciting continued adventures of......"
What happens in the gap?

The Gap (as in a period of time, not the store)
  My part-time job at the library became a full-time event programmer job.
  Dad got sick.
  Mom's sister and mother passed away.
  The job became overwhelming with late hours at events & programs.
  Dad passed away last summer.
  SO fed up with the pressure, stress and lack of time with my family.....
         a new job was found.

The gap was filled with a lot of tears, a LOT of frustration, doubt, and fear.  Maybe now I am ready to begin looking at it all.  Maybe now the words are ready to be put out there.

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