Monday, March 12, 2012

The Buffalo

Mid-morning we headed to the Steel Creek Landing on the Buffalo River. 

Starting way back in college, Ben has been coming to the Buffalo River just about every year.  Beginning as a fraternity trip and then continuing in the years after with close college friends, he has taken a weekend in May and floated the Buffalo. 

But I have never been. 

Now honestly the idea of sitting in a canoe for hours a day with the possibility of being dumped into the water and simultaneously getting sun burned really didn't appeal to me.

  But I love the beauty of my state. 

The kids were thrilled at the opportunity of getting in the just warmer tan frigid water.  Even though the sun was out and it was a warmer day, I was still wearing my jeans and thick hoodie.  But kids don't seem to notice those sorts of things.

How cold is the water Luke?

 "I can't get my boot off!"

"I don't think it's that cold", smirks the 13 year old.

He's all in!

Warming in the sun.

Right before we left I found this treasure in the sand.  The kids were amazed that it was still connected and wanted to know where the mussel was and if the pearl fell out.

It's so pretty from both sides, I think I will have to make some sort of box or frame that has glass on both sides.

Treasures of the Buffalo.

Tomorrow...... the elk.

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