Sunday, March 11, 2012

Saturday Sunrise Surprise

I am in love with this cabin.

We arrived after dark on Friday evening so we were really at a loss to our surroundings until we woke up on Saturday morning.  What a wonderful surprise!

Steel Creek Cabins are located between the small towns of Jasper and Ponca in the Ozark National Forest near the Buffalo River National Park.

Our cabin was very spacious with a full wrap around porch.  It really reminded me of our own house.  Big porches, nestled on the side of a hill, quiet and peaceful. Except that the view was much more impressive and it was clean and tidy and not full of all our cluttered junk.  I immediately wanted to come home and purge purge purge!

We were quite unplugged this weekend.  No cell phones, no internet, and no cable.  No signals in the mountains.  When the realization of this initially hit me I must admit I could feel myself starting to panic just a bit.  Which really surprised me.  I am always talking about how we are always too distracted by our screens.  Too obsessed with our statuses, email, pins and programs.  10 years ago none of this really affected my day to day life.  And here I was wondering how I would find anything out about anything for next 36 hours.  What a hypocrite!

But I  soon snapped out of my techno codependency and embraced the possibility of the beauty and quiet around me.  To enjoy time with my family with noting to distract us.  To read and crochet and explore.  And to really thank God for being so wonderful to give us such simple and beautiful places to renew ourselves in. 
Thank you God for making Arkansas so beautiful.

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