Sunday, March 04, 2012


 Yesterday was "take down the trees" day. We have plenty to spare and the fruit trees were in need of drastic pruning.

When we bought this property it was already full of badly neglected vegetation.

Beautiful flowers pop up every spring all over the yard and we have 1 pear tree, 3 plum trees, and 1 fig tree.

I cant wait for the jams and jellies.

But the burning stump was quite the pain today. Our hill side is prevalent with hickory trees. This one, already old and half dead came down partially in a storm more than a year ago.

 Barely missed the front porch. Well since its stump resided in the one spot of yard that is closest to having full sun, it needed to go for the garden bed we plan to put in.
But this stump was more than stubborn. Ben couldn't pull it out with his truck either. And he has a really BIG truck. We dug out around it and chainsawed some lines. But it stayed put. It even frayed and eventually snapped the towing belt. Stubborn. So we were left to burn it out.

We now have a nice clear (well once we cover up that hole) spot for a sunny garden.

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