Sunday, March 11, 2012

Welcome to Granny's Cabin

When we came upon this trio (yes there are 3, the baby is hiding in the back) Friday evening, I was sure they were real when our headlights hit them coming down a very dark dirt road.  But as we got closer I could tell better.  The kids had a fun time riding them like carosel ponies.

The senery was amazing.  We lost count of all the small cabins that dotted the mountainside. 

Phoebe had devised a devious game of tag.  There is just about a door on every side of the cabin, upstairs and down.  It made it very fun for her to keep Luke guessing were she had gone.  In one door, out another, up the stairs and out another door.  All the time Luke yelling "PHOEBE! PHOEBE! PHOEBEEEEEEE!" and she giggling manically while huffing and puffing around the house. At least they got their exercise.

Exploring down the dirt roads.


Ben and David practiced archery 

And all this right after breakfast.

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Leslie Berg said...

I love that you are writing again.

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