Friday, March 30, 2012

While we wait

Luke takes piano lessons a local college. And during that brief 30 minutes I sit in the very sterile hall way of the music building and crochet. It's a turn my brain off break.

Here I am making a dishcloth. I make a lot of these lately. I have always been more of a process crocheter than a product crocheter. I was never really intent on creating a finished project. I just wanted something to do with my hands while I was stuck somewhere. And dishcloths are small enough to finish before i can decided to pull out all the stitches roll up my yarn and start over.
Crocheting can occupy this part of my brain that i can't turn off that is always humming and lets the rest of my brain relax and wander.  The stitches become my mantra.
"Yarn over.  Double crochet. Front post. Cluster."

Oh the things you can think. Once you turn your brain off.

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