Thursday, April 26, 2012

Fromage Moi

As for me and my house, we LOVE cheese.  One of the Krogers in town just remodled itself into one of the fancy Kroger Market Places.  And I can't pass the cheese section without releiveing them of about $10-$20 worth of the curdled good stuff.

We love cheese so much that The Big Cheese on the Cooking Channel is one of our favorite shows.  We DVR it.  And watch them over and over.  So you could say we have a lot of inspiration.

Ben has started a new diner tradition....... the grilled cheese bar.  Sort of like laying out all the toppings for baked potatoes only he cooks up bacon or fries some eggs and slices up whatever our varieties of cheeses are in house at the moment. 

Last night he brought me a grilled brie with dates and bacon on sourdough.  Have I got the best husband in the world or what!

So after his run tonight he came in and headed for the fixings.  We might be on to a bad habit.  Here is my creation.  Brie and bacon with some of my homemade Plum Drunk Jelly (made from plun juice and leftover red wine- it rocks with brie).

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