Saturday, April 28, 2012

Stay at home Saturday

The best laid plans of mice and men.......
Today we had planned to visit a farm a few hours away.  Falling Sky Farm is in Marshall, AR and specialises in grass fed cattle and pork as well as totally non GMO chickens, ducks, and turkeys.  They have been very active in starting ConwayLocallyGrown an online market place for local farmers and artisans to sell their wares and produce.
Well we had planned to visit their open farm day but sometimes things just don't go as planned.  But they end up they way they are supposed to go.
We turned our efforts to our much neglected house.  On these stay at home Saturdays everyone has the choice (well somewhat) of working outside or inside.  If you want to enjoy the AC then you better be folding laundry and doing dishes.  If you just can't stand the thought of house chores then its to the yard with you.  Today's yard chores manifested themselves into cleaning out the storage building and building supports and cages for the garden.
Ben and I built an A frame trellis for the Christmas Lima beans I had planted.  I carefully untwisted the beans from each other as they have been in need of training for about the past week or so.  I am very excited about seeing them grow up the frame.
Bean trellis
It was time to cage the tomatoes as well.  I wasn't happy with our old cages.  They were just the usual 3 legged round cages.  I didn't feel like they provided enough support.  We had used some 5ft fencing to make the bean trellis so I nipped it off in about 3ft widths and connected them back to make my own cages.
Tomatoe cages
I don't think that my tomatoes will grow to be 5ft tall but  if they are that ambitious who am I to stop them
The squash already have fruit on the vine.  I had better get those recipes ready.
The chickens are enjoying the full day out doors.  One hen, Charlie, was very diligent about getting into the storage building as we were sweeping and cleaning things out.  She eventually had her way and laid an egg in there. 
She is one of our first hens, an Americuana, and one of the only ones we can really tell which is which.  She has always been very adventurous.  Finding the most hidden ways out of the coup and always bravely going off on her own.  Why wouldn't she want to be the first to lay an egg in the storage room.

Pears with basketball goal.

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