Sunday, July 15, 2012

Morning muffins

Today I woke up and made muffins. Happy Sunday.

Mom had bought a huge container of blueberries for us the other day.

I grabbed my favorite cookbook. This is really the only cookbook you will ever need. Better Homes & Gardens red plaid cookbook. Lots of traditional recipes. Mainly updated and healthified ones too. As well as tips and equations and substitutions. I used my moms growing up and received my copy as a wedding gift.

So this morning when I decided to make homemade muffins I knew it wouldn't let me down.

There was a basic muffins recipe with all the varieties listed after it. I decided to combine the blueberry and the oatmeal recipes to make it even healthier.

The fresh blueberries began the bubble up juice while cooking making the bright purple streaks in the batter.

Everyone enjoyed the muffins.

I enjoyed them with my morning coffee.

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