Saturday, August 11, 2012

He's the new kid in town

About a month ago we got a new rooster. After birchy was killed we felt strongly that we needed another male protector but knew it would be hard to find one that did as good of a job as Birchy had done. We'd either have to try our luck with an older rooster that might be mean or with a young one a hope that he prove to be as good as his predecessor.

So we waited.

Some friends had ended up with a boy in their mix and since they live in a bit more urban area than we do a potentially crowing rooster just wouldn't do.

When Ben first put the young black austrolope in with the girls lets just say the meeting didn't go so well. Imagine a young boy walking into the girls bathroom by mistake. Or closer yet being pushed in. The squalling and carrying on that insued. They had him pinned down and cornered under a loose piece of the chicken wire in no time flat.

But as with most things time took care of it. This morning is the most beautiful unbelievable day after the scorching summer we have been experiencing. Cool breeze nice temps. And it's August! The new rooster is out and about occasionally corralling his female kin when a line hawk cries can be heard.

After such a rocky start he seems to be finding his place. And he's started to crow. Maybe that's what we'll call him Rocky. Jet black feathers. He could pass for the Italian stallion don't you think.

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