Wednesday, August 08, 2012

I really should.....

There are so many things I really should be doing.
I should really clean my room. It's tragic and always ends up right back the same way. My suitcase from our vacation is still lying there with clothes in it from the vacation. And a few more. That have been piled on top.  I really want to redecorate, who am I kidding.... I really want to decorate it for the first time! I really should clean my room.
I really should start some craft projects. But my supplies have been boxed up and scattered here and there. I really don't know what I have anymore. My dear friend and I have aspirations of once again entering the crafting for profit realm. We have a goal. One craft fair this Christmas. We've been talking about it since last Christmas. Have I made anything?
I really should pick in my garden. But it's been hotter than hades out there. And the okra is much higher than an elephant's eye. And beyond edible. I guess I can say I am growing goat feed.

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