Saturday, September 08, 2012

A slow process

Cool breezes blew in this morning.

I'm hoping they stay for a while. I know that the weather is unpredictable and that weather in Arkansas is extremely fickle to say the least.  Without much of a winter last year it seems like we've been warm for a long time. I'm making a promise not to complain about the cold cold weather this year if we could just have some.

Sunlight looks and feels cleaner as we head into fall.

I am very ashamed of how I have neglected my garden.

The tomatoes really didn't make it much past out vacation. The heat burned everything up. My peppers are drying on the vine. The okra became too tall. We've whacked it back and will see what happens. The beans? Once again, we'll see.

Everything is a learning process. It takes time to build up the knowledge of what to do and what not to do and then again when to do it. You could read every book there is all at once but it's hard to put everything into practice in a season or even two.

So this fall and winter I plan to learn about cold gardens. Maybe try a few cold frames for some winter greens. Plant my carrots. Winterize what areas we won't be using.

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