Thursday, September 13, 2012

Tile tired

I promised my self that when I started blogging again that I wouldn't let this become one big gripe session. I see enough of that in Facebook.

But I have to say this past week just about did me in. You know it's a bad week when Monday feels like Wednesday.
It all started on Sunday. Funny how that's how most weeks start but this Sunday was not our day of rest. It was the day we started tiling.

Remember this little place?

We moved out about 3 years ago and have kept it as a rental. Due to some extreme water damage, much like what happened here, again. And in the kitchen. We are redoing floors. 

So Sunday we started tiling in the dining room and kitchen. I must say that it does look phenomenal. But after 4 days of 8 hours at the office and 5 more on my knees laying tile I am completely spent.

We've been kicking ourselves about not doing this when we lived there because it's made the rooms look awesome.


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