Thursday, October 18, 2012

Looking back

Every now and then I look back through this blog.  It laid dormant for so long and the big gap of time almost divides it into two different stories.  But its one story just missing about 3 years of chapters.

I like the direction I'm going these days.  And I enjoy that I'm just writing to write.  Not writing to draw attention to the things I was making or all the places I was trying to sell them.

That woman seems so different than what I am today.  There are times I really miss her.  Like the staying home part.  I'd do such a better job now.  I'd clean the house and cook the meals and tend to the animals.  I told Ben the other day that if I was home all the time then I would be here to milk the goats and he could make his cheese and I could go out to the deer stand and spend the day there and bring home meat for the family.  He wasn't totally convinced.

Still, there are certain moments I'm glad I was able to catch.

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