Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Pumpkins, yes again

'Tis the season and all.

This past weekend I let the boys carve their pumpkins.  The weather had promised not to heat back up and the cool temps would keep them from spoiling too much.  That way I could feed them to the animals and they would not go to waste.

My rule is if you want to carve a Jack o lantern then you have to clean out the inside.  You have to be very dedicated to wanting to proceed with this project.

I think they just enjoy the opportunity to carve up something with knives.

While the boys were slicing and dicing, I was carving up my own pumpkin.  Of course my pumpkin wasn't going to have eyes and a crooked toothy grin.  In fact mine only had one cut.  All the way around.
After a lot of web surfing I believe that this variety is know as a Jarrahdale and is known for making great pies.  We shall see.

It had a very fresh crisp scent almost like honeydew melon.  The inside was not stringy at all like other  pumpkin varieties.  The seeds were very plump and extremely easy to remove.

And since they were so extremely easy to remove, I decided to save them.  No not for roasting but for planting.  This reminded me of a chapter from Barbara Kingsolver's Animal Vegetable Miracle.   While on a trip to Italy with her husband they buy a unique winter squash/pumpkin at a road side stand.  Despite the language barrier, the hotel cooks it for them and she saves the seeds.  She dries them on the windowsill of her room and the back dashboard of the small European rental car.

I washed the seeds and and drained them in a colander then laid them on paper towels to dry.

They are nicely stored with in a glass jar for next year's season.  Crossing my fingers that the seeds will produce pumpkins next year.  And that I can keep the goats out of them.
We came home Wednesday afternoon to a loose goats in the yard and this.

Well I can't say I blame them.  The goats I mean.  It is very tasty and quite good for them.  I definitely want healthy goats.... I think the girls might be pregnant.


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