Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Ride a painted pony

Let the spinning wheel spin.

On Sunday I got to spend some time with a cherished partner in crime.  Cyndi & I live in the same town mere minutes from each other.  But with 3 busy kids each, we hardly ever have time for more that a Facebook chat.  So we devised a spur of the moment Sunday lunch (turned dinner because crock pot timing can be so unpredictable).

And very true of most of my friends, the minute I walked into the house she was whisking me away to an estate sale she had just returned from. 

One of the ways she can always bribe me to come to her house is by promising to spin BEAUTIFUL yarn for me (which can be bought here).  She knows my weaknesses so well.  

 It's a fast paced operation. I think I am mostly intrigued because this is a craft I can not do.  Oh believe me I have tried.  It's frustrating.  So I will just sit and watch her and drink her wine ;)

And even though I understand the mechanics.  I know all the steps.  It's still like she's working magic when she takes a big mound of colorful fluff and turns it into the luscious, twisted creation you see here. 

So while the kids were running wild and the men folk were having a bro-fest with some televised MMA circus, we were happy in our realm.  Yarn, coffee and ,oh yes, The Doctor! 

You can get a good look at Cyndi on our local ABC news station KATV as she speaks about her shop and the upcoming Little Rock Food Truck Festival she will be a craft vendor at.

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