Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The escape goat

This is pickles.

She's a goat. 

Pickles was so afraid of people when we first got her 3 years ago. It took a lot of tempting with watermelon rind and mulberry leaves for her to let me get my hands even that close to her.

The timid phase has passed although she's still not all that touchy feely. But she does like a good scratch between the horns. She shows affection by pressing firmly on your leg with her head. She's not trying to make you fall or hurt you (usually) but I figure its her ways of saying "right now I like that you are with me".

But pickles is not notorious for her loving ways. No. Pickles is consistent in her ability to get out of a pen. She's Houdini reincarnate. Bet he didn't know he was coming back as a white spotted half boer/ half dairy goat. 

We are pretty sure she's jumping the fences.  She seems unusually tall for a goat to me and I have witnessed her jumping off the front porch and landing in what seems to be the middle of the yard.  

But we have yet to catch her in the act.  We have checked the fence lines many times trying to find a weak spot. But see she's clever too.  She'll watch you.  Make sure that she plans her escape when there is no one there to see her.  If i didn't know better I'd seriously think she was levitating or walking through the wire (well i almost don't believe that).

She's the Polkaspot of the Darley Farm and if you aren't familiar with The Fabulous Beekman Boys and their beloved lama then you need to check them out.  They did a whole episode on her jumping the fence and eating the apple trees.  
I could feel their pain.  

They solved it with an electric fence.  I'm not ready to put that much effort into keeping her in yet.

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GraceGritsGarden said...

Awwww she's adorable:))) And very photogenic!

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