Monday, November 12, 2012

Putting up: blackberry wine jelly

I've decided one thing about jelly.  It taste better with a bit of wine mixed in. 
I've been using old leftover red wine to make a great jelly with plum juice.  I can't remember why I did. I think I just got tired of plain ole plum jelly and wanted to find a use for the half empty bottles of red wine that seemed to accumliate.
Now for some people having leftover wine maybe a problem.  But it seems like the cheaper the wine and the longer it has set on my counter the better the jelly.
Sometimes it seems like there is so much sugar in a jelly or jam recipe that that's all you really tast.  The sugar.
The wine helps cut the sweetness and enhance the fruit flavors.
I usually replace atleast a cup of the required fruit or juice with wine.  My drunk jellies and jams have always been a great hit.  They are just as good with cheeses as they are on a peanut butter sandwich.

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