Saturday, December 01, 2012

Back in the saddle

And saddle sore.

Today was the culmination of a lot of hard work over the last couple of months.  One year ago Jerusalem and I decided that we want to do another craft fair.  You know just to keep our "hands in" as Miss Golightly would say. 

We figured we had a whole year to make little things here and there and by next year we'd be so prepared.  What's that they say about the best laid plans?  Well come hell or high water we were going to make this dream happen....... again.

Combating our natural inclination to procrastinate, lack of focus, one broken foot, 5 busy kids, one sick husband and a last minute puking-all-night-kid, we persevered!

And had a blast! 

The booth received rave reviews. "Happy." "Fun." Even "eco-friendly".It felt so good to set up our little area again.  To get those ideas out of our heads.  It was nice that things did sell but almost just as energizing to hear the compliments.  Sometimes you just need to hear that you've still "got it." 

Even after four years of being completely out of the "crafting for profit" business,  we fell right back into it.  Well maybe not that easily.  We did forget to bring bags (thanks to the fabulous Cyndi for the loan.  I have to coolest friends).

We will definitely be doing this again.  But don't expect to see us out anytime soon.  There is a great deal of recovery that is necessary.  For one my dining room table needs to look less Project Runway worktable more set down for family dinner.  And two my body is killing me!  As the only member of our dynamic duo that had two working feet,  I did all of the running and heavy lifting.  But I didn't mind.  I don't even think hell or high water was going to stop us.

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Jerusalem Greer said...

It really was "the most fun!"

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