Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas comes to Bright Ridge

Since I've been back in the natural state Jerusalem and I have always tried and planned to make a fun day of exchanging Christmas gifts.A sweet little tea like busom friends Anne and Diana would of had. The key words above are "tried" and "planned". One time I think it was nearly March before we got around to it. But that was ok because I bet my tree was still up.

This year we tried to set the date before the holiday but the hubbub of it all let it once again fall into the "tried to plan" category.

Today I was ready to not be in the house. Barring a 3 hour block of time that I went to the office to prepare bulletins for this Sunday, I had not left the Darley Farm since Christmas Eve. We headed to Little Rock despite the gray drizzly day.

Her Hobbledness in Anthropology. 
We whisked (well as fast as one can whisk a person in a boot and walking with a cane) Jerusalem and her youngest off on our cabin-fever-fighting-day. 

I'm being followed by paper mache pinata mooses.
(I know I shouldn't complain. We've had power and there are others who haven't been so lucky.)

Vintage quilt blocks

Once we ate and shopped to our hearts content or rather Jerusalem's foot's limit we headed back for  coffee.

Crafty magnets

Truly lamenting the fact that I had forgotten her gifts at home, we decided they would come to our house for the evening.

Rolling pins are rather hard to photograph on their own

We left on a head start so that we could clean the house.

So proud of my crochet protege.

What better reason than to invite friends over.    

I love all things Alice!

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