Monday, January 21, 2013


I love a crocheted dishcloth. For someone like me who has trouble finishing projects, starting a new dishcloth means I'll have the satisfaction of a beautiful as well as useful completed creation in my hands.

Flower Dishcloth Pattern

They also make wonderful spur of the moment gifts. Add them with a jar of jelly, loaf of homemade bread or a plate of tasty cookies and you have the perfect hostess gift or housewarming present.

Simple Granny Square from scraps of yarn.

Although sometimes I really have to convince the recipient that yes you do use these pretty little squares or circles of handmade loveliness to clean up your messes. EllynAnn Geisel wrote in The Linen Book about the beauty that was worked into the everyday housekeeping necessities. If you are spending your days working in the kitchen and cleaning the house why not have pretty tools to do the work with. And the cotton yarn washes up so nicely.

Pattern from the back of a skein of yarn that was actually meant to be squares pieces together for a blanket.  All individual square patterns tend to make great dishcloth patterns as well.  I like this pattern a lot because the stitches are all worked in the back loops with give the dishcloth a great ribbed texture just right for scrubbing. Here's a link to a similar pattern.

Dishcloths are great for the beginner or when you want to tryout a new stitch. Just make your practice squares out of cotton and they are useful other than being just a first attempt.

This one taxed my crochet brain muscles a little but I love the little hidden hearts in the block.

Pinterest is one of my go to sources for new and fun patterns. Another great source is Ravely. And you will find a plethora of patterns on the Lily Cotton website.

This pattern is really fun and cute. 

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