Thursday, February 21, 2013

Grumble cuss

On days like this I typically ask for a do over.  At this point I'm more interested in a free pass.  A get out of jail free card that will let me sail right into tomorrow.

A restless night coupled with weather not quite severe enough to delay school but miserable enough to irritate my mood even more.  A copier malfunction on the big bulletin printing day of the week.  A band concert tonight that I was told about last night and a 4th grade report on Ben Franklin that is due tomorrow that hasn't quite progressed as it should have.

Do bad things always happen all at once?  Or does one off putting incident seem to taint the others giving them an appearance as gray and icy as this weather we are having today?

I should smell the daffodils more today.  I should let their bright sunniness ease my frustrations.

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