Monday, February 25, 2013

Happy, happy birthday baby

Happy Birthday to my favorite person!

We spent the weekend in Hot Spring to celebrate.  Ben declared it the "best weekend ever!" 

Oaklawn Jockey Club
If you've never gone to the horse races at Oaklawn, I highly recommend it.  The entry fee is only $2 and to buy a reserved seat once inside is $2.50.  Now parking can be another hassle but if you get there early the onsite parking is very reasonable as well (Embassy Suites also offers a shuttle). 

Weekdays are very relaxed and low key and not crowded at all.  Saturdays and Sundays are a bit more hectic but coming from someone who hates the chaos of people milling about it wasn't that bad.  I admit I stayed in my seat the whole time.  Except for food runs and bathroom breaks but you can walk around and even stand outside to watch the horses and jockeys cross the finish line.

I have no head or understanding for how the betting goes.  Ben has some and is always happy to come out with at least what he has put in. I have a strategy I might use next time which is to just put a couple of bucks on the long shot to show.  With only 8-9 races a day, that's only about $18 and I'd rather spend 18 on a fun day there than waste it at the movies or some such.  Or let alone with the kids at some pizza/game playing nightmare.  And if it ever pays out then woohoo!

I learned from going last year that there's a lot of downtime between the races so I brought something to keep me busy.  Yes, I was crocheting at the horse races.  And I struck up many a conversation with the retired ladies and gentlemen that were seated around us on Friday. 

Let me suggest small projects.  Things that will fit in your purse.  Nothing that will take a lot of switching colors or a great deal of attention.

I must also mention the great sandwiches. Corned beef  and Rubens.  The smell of kraut will have your tummy rumbling really fast.  And they are packed full.  Ben and I shared one each day and it was plenty to fill us up.  There is also ice cream. Yum.

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