Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Gourdough's: Big. Fat. Donuts.

So when I go to Austin I go for IKEA and the food trucks.  This year I knew we were pressed for time so there was only one place I had in mind.  Gourdough's Public House.

Ok so it's not really a food truck but they had their start there and that's where we fell in love with Big Fat Donuts. Within the past year Gourdough's was able to add an actual brick and mortar establishment to their very cool and stylish Airstream trailer.

It was rounding out to be a late lunch but promised not to disappoint.  When we first stepped in I fell in love with the decor.  Rustic and industrial, yes those are possible at the same time.  Phoebe made the comment that it would be really cool to live in the restaurant.  I was in total agreement.

We ordered our drinks.  They have quite the selection of great beers avaliable and they came served in Mason jars!  I ordered the Pecan Porter from (512) Brewing, a local Austin company.  It was dark and nutty, just like I love my beers.
Ok so when I say that the place serves donuts I always get the question, "As a meal?"  But go with me on this.  The donuts themselves are not very sweet.  They have no glaze but are either savor or sweet depending on their toppings.  And OH MY the toppings.
Our meals were works of art on a dounut.  Peruse their menu and your mouth will be watering.  We recommend the hamburger, the Mother Clucker, the pulled pork plate, and Three Little Guidos.  And make sure that you get a side of the brussel sprouts. 
For dessert we enjoyed the Freebird, a s'more donut (sort of a create her own from Phoebe) and the Southern Bell.

I start the cravings all over again every time I look at these pictures.

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Anita Stafford said...

Wow, sounds like a very cool place! Hope I can check it out sometime.

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