Sunday, April 28, 2013

Evolution of a Saturday

As Saturdays go this one started out making me wish I could just curl back under the covers, but truthfully most mornings are making me feel like that.  Just let me sleep a bit more.  But alas we had a pinewood derby to race.

Loud raucous crowds are not my cup of tea.  God bless those that love me for I am less than ideal to be around in these instances. I’m becoming even crankier in my old age and seeing as my senior citizen eligibility doesn’t kick in for another 20 years or so they have a lot to endure.  But today was an exercise in self control in that I did not roundhouse kick the man in front of me incessantly drumming his fingers on the plastic chairs.  It had a tone that just set my teeth on edge.  So I popped my gum and tried to find my happy place.  What a day for me to leave my crochet bag or a book at home lest I seem unsociable.

After a greatly belated lunch (Let’s just Hangry to the psyche mix) and the drizzle cold day I gladly curled back into bed while listening to my husband brag of the songs they would sing about the nap he was planning to take.  I am not a napper.  So I donned a pair of socks and turned to my new favorite area, my corner.

I am really enjoying it. Just to be able to sit and paint or draw and not have to worry about cleaning up the table for a meal or to bring everything back in from outside.  I guess I was inspired by Liz’s library and Cyndi’s studio.  Claimed areas of the home for your creative inspirations.  Ok so inspired is to clean of a word.  Spurred by jealousy?  Maybe a bit closer.  I wanted my own spot.  So I carved it out.

And Saturday ended brighter than it began.  Sweet talking friends to pass through on their way home with the offer of deer chili on this drizzly day.  So a day that began with grousing ends with giggles, good friends, and boys that take the art of passing gas way to seriously.


Jodi said...

Thank goodness for good friends and comfort food to brighten our spirits! I enjoyed your post -- sound you through AWB. How is your garden doing (I have raised beds as well)?

The Coffee House Life

Talya Tate Boerner said...

I can so relate. I remember those days of pinewood derby. My son is now an Eagle Scout and I am so proud of him. He's also a sophomore Arkansas Razorback! But those boy scouting days WORE ME OUT, when all I wanted was a bit of alone time:)) I have a spot for writing. I love it!

Hang in there and keep going with scouting. It was life-changing for my son.

Anonymous said...

I have 3 spots in my house... I just claimed them. I share, my husband can sit there too, but they are areas that allow me to follow the sun around the house! Good for you for making your home yours.

LifeAsAConvert said...

Its great to have inspiration for your own personal space. I did it myself about a year ago, but unfortunately I dont use the space. I end up on my bed more often than not.

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